The NHSScotland mapping tool assesses the risk and vulnerability of healthcare assets to climate change impacts across Scotland.

The mapping tool is designed as a platform to display spatial data and provide information to improve understanding of how climate change impacts will effect the NHS estate and wider community. It supports the facilitation of climate change adaptation planning and decision-making and aids spatially targeted adaptation responses.

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If you want to understand the impacts of climate change on the wider human population we recommend you use JRF's Climate Just website link tool hosted by The University of Manchester.

Why this matters for the NHS

"We expect Scotland's public bodies to lead by example in combatting climate change and make a valuable contribution towards achieving our emissions reduction targets. The public sector is critical to the successful delivery of the Climate Change Plan: influencing and enabling positive behaviours; driving change; and acting as an exemplar of climate action and low carbon innovation."

Scottish Government, Feb 2018

Met office greenhouse gas effect graphic

Source: Met Office 2017.

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